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Musk ox accessories

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Musk ox accessories

The musk ox is a large land animals that lives on the west and east coast of central Greenland.The musk ox's coat consists of an outer layer of long hair and wool, and deep down is the fine wool - qiviut - a light, soft and fluffy wool. This is the wool I use for my crocheted and knitted accessories.The wool is very rare and found only a few places in the world - even in Greenland wool can be difficult to aquire as the musk ox is a wild animal. This makes this wool a rarity. Some collect wool from the bushes, where the musk ox tends to walk in. And some buy or get it from the hunters.The wool dosent matter, and is very light, it does not shrink and does not shed. It is wonderfully soft (softer than angoa), hypoallergenic, does not scratch and is believed to be 8 times warmer than ordinary wool. Many use it for arthritis pains as it so warm and nice.The wool is believed to be the finest quality in the world. The wool is 100% natural and genuine Greenland musk.The musk ox is only hunted on the basis of the principle of sustainability. The hunt is quoted.


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